When you’re planning a video shoot with the intention of impressing current and potential customers, a lot of the questions you ask yourself boil down to “how do I make my video look appealing?” From the wardrobe selection to deciding the colors in the background, you want your video to be as visually engrossing as possible. However, no matter what visuals you choose to have, the resolution of your video is going to impact how everything looks, for better or worse. Therefore, it’s important to consider the two levels of resolution: standard definition (SD), and high definition (HD).

The measurement of a video’s definition is in how many horizontal lines of image resolution the video has. SD videos have 480 horizontal lines. HD is defined as any video quality with more than 480 horizontal lines, with the two most common numbers of lines being 720 and 1080. The graph below illustrates the difference in pixel count between standard and high definition:

When it comes to a professional grade video, HD is definitely the way to go. When you show a video for commercial reason, you want to give off as much professionalism as you can. HD gives you a much higher pixel count, giving you sharper images and better defined colors. A lifelike HD video will be both more immersive and memorable than a fuzzy SD video, meaning HD is the better choice for getting your message across.

While the cost of shooting in HD may initially be higher than SD, shooting in HD will in the long run give you more bang for your buck, because the progress of technology is working against SD. Today’s televisions and projectors are designed with showing HD in mind. When you show an SD video on an HD television or projector, the image has to be stretched out to fit all the lines of resolution that the machine has, making an already comparatively fuzzy image look even worse. As projectors and televisions become capable of even higher resolution in the future, all SD videos will rapidly deteriorate in quality, depreciating their effectiveness and likely needing to be reshot. HD videos will continue to hold their professional grade for years longer.

For more on SD vs. HD, consult our Blogcast below. As always, we hope you think of Creative Video for all your video and live event production needs.