Everyone has heard saying, “Location! Location! Location!” Whether your buying a house or renting out an office space, location is often the number one factor we consider before buying.

So it may not surprise you that the logic of “location matters” goes hand-in-hand with video production.

At least 70% of the video productions that we do for our clients are “on-site.” An “on-site” production is anything that is not being filmed in a controlled environment (like a studio). Some examples of on-site productions would be filming a company-wide message in your office or filming testimonials at someone’s home. The possibility really are endless when it comes to filming at an on-site location.

On-site interviews can be extremely beneficial to both your company and your brand. On-site interviews give your audience a better look at who you are and what you do.  And if done correctly, on-site interviews can easily increase your likability. Your audience will view you more as a person representing your business rather than a business with a face.

One of the main reasons our clients prefer on-site productions is because of the convenience. Our experienced staff will meet you at your location with the necessary equipment to produce a high-definition video. All you have to worry about it showing up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Another great advantage to filming on-site is that you can show your audience the actual subject you are talking about. We’ve worked with restaurants who wanted to show off their newly renovated decor and building managers who want to sell their office space. Not only can you show your audience what you are talking about, but you also have the ability to interact with your environment as well. The possibilities are endless.

Just like with any great opportunity, comes it’s downfalls.

First, you have to consider the “un-controllables.” Most office buildings, even our own, use fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights will actually effect the coloring of your film. Since fluorescent lights are a different temperature than our film, everything will appear with a blue-tint. Anything filmed in fluorescent lights is unusable.

Another un-controllable is the noise factor that comes with any on-site location. Whether it’s your loud office neighbor, traffic on the road behind you or even the wind, the noise will be picked up by the camera and will be distracting to your audience.

And finally there’s the space issue. Most offices aren’t as spacious as a grand ballroom, so it can be difficult finding enough room to fit in all of the equipment necessary to help control those other “un-controllables.”

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Hopefully this post has given you factors to consider when choosing your location for your next production. If we could be of any more assistant, please do not hesitate to contact us. And as always, we hope that you think of Creative Video for any of your production needs.

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