The first step in planning any live event is determining your budget. There is an obvious correlation between how much you are able to spent and what you can do with your event. Having a small budget can be limiting, but an experienced production team can help you get the most out of it.

Never be afraid to ask your production team for something, even if you are worried it’s out of budget. An experienced production team might be able to offer you alternatives if what you were envisioning is out of budget.

At Creative Video, one of our goals is to make sure you get the most value out of each dollar you spend. Understanding the concept and tone of your event can help aid in keeping your event on budget. For example, a good production team will always change their lighting and projection plans to enhance the tone and concept of your event. Lighting and projection are a far more powerful presentation than other decorations and they are also a fraction of the cost. Lighting, in particular, can dramatically change the tone of an event. Warm colors can make a large venue appear more intimidate, for example.

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BLOGcast: Things to Consider When Planning a Live Event
Things to Consider When Planning a Live Event
Planning an Event with a Budget in Mind