Deciding whether to film your production in studio vs. on-site is best done by making a pros and cons list. It’s important to weigh the advantages of one option against the advantages of the other option. Since we’ve already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of filming on-site, we’d thought it would be appropriate to continue the discussion with studio production.

Some of the disadvantages to filming on-site that we previously discussed were: space, sound, and lighting. Those “uncontrollables” associated with on-site productions would now be controlled in the studio. A studio production is nothing less than calculated, concise and dependable.

Space. When filming in a studio, space becomes less of an obstacle to overcome. Creative Video has our very own studio located in our McLean office. Our stage features a 10 ft high, 17.5 ft x 22 ft carpeted shooting area. The open space was designed for filming productions and is equipped with everything we need to produce a high quality video. There’s plenty of room for almost any on set configuration.

Sound. The ceiling and key walls have Sonex sound proofing, so the cameras won’t pick up any outside noise to distract your audience.

Lighting. The lighting on our stage is optimal for video production. You won’t have to worry about your image’s coloring appearing blue or dull because we only use the highest quality of lights in the industry. Our studio also comes equipped with a lighting grid that has a combination of 1000 & 2000-watt instruments, including soft lights, pepper lights, and Lowel lights. It also features a six-channel dimmer for complete control.

And the advantages to filming in studio don’t stop there…

Options. We have several different background options that are both professional and warm. Our stage also has a floor to ceiling black velour infinity drape around 3 walls, a blue/gray splatter drape and a Chromakey green wall. No matter what look you are going for, our expert staff will meet your needs.

The Chromakey green wall is perfect solution for our clients who want the advantages of filming on-site, without having to worry about those “uncontrollables.” Our expert editors can digitally key in any image on the green screen during editing.

Expedient. The studio has recently been wired so we can record your footage straight to one of our final cut pro editing systems. So if you are looking to save time in digitizing your footage, we have the capability to capture your film directly onto a hard drive in our studio.

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Hopefully this post has given you factors to weigh while considering in studio production. If we could be of any more assistant, please do not hesitate to contact us. And as always, we hope that you think of Creative Video for any of your production needs.

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