By now you have heard how sharp High Definition TV (HDTV) is compared to the old Standard Definition TV (SDTV). It is a matter of lines in your resolution (see Blog Post High Definition vs. Standard Definition). Next is the difference between DLP  and LCD projectors.  DLP or Digital Light Processing is super high definition output for projectors that can be digitally adjusted or enhanced.   It’s worth the upgrade to show your HD video, especially when you want to use a spiffy enlarged projection surface or have a difficult projection location.

Most projectors today use liquid crystal display (LCD) technology for flat panel display or electronic visual display using the light modulating properties of liquid crystals, which don’t emit light directly.  DLP is a display device based on micro-electro-mechanical technology using a digital micromirror device.  Originally developed by Texas Instruments, is is now use for static and interactive displays without the concern of image persistence or “image burning” on the display.  Consequently, you now find 85% of digital movie theaters using DLP projectors.

Screen-shot-2015-02-19-at-4.28.09-PM-300x181Creative Video’s DLP Projectors come from Christie, the world’s leading digital projection company.  We use our Christies to provide cinematic sharp images on a variety of surfaces providing much deeper color saturation for true color.   The ability to warp around wall feature, edge blend projector images together and digitally map on surfaces has really impressed us.  It’s ability to project on creased screens and crumbling walls.  The new projectors are 100% programmable, compared to LCDs adjustable corners. Creative Video of Washington, DC

Examples of its particular use:

You are in a Ballroom with pillars.  With the DLP, the projector can be manipulated to work around the pillars for a full picture.

You are in an old building with an odd shaped wall where you want to project your image.  The Christie M-Class DLP can warp the image onto the outcroppings or eliminate the picture on something sticking out.


    • Native HD resolution (1920 x 1080)Creative Video of Washington, DC
    • 13,500 center lumens 
    • Variable contrast ratio of 2500:1 (full on/ off) /
    • 650:1 ANSI for crisp, detailed images
    • At maximum brightness the projector draws 1500W at 110V
    • Smallest chassis in its class
    • Dual mercury lamps (450W)
    • Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA™)
    • Embedded Christie Twist™ image warping and edge-blending
    • Dust-sealed engine, filter-free design
    • Motorized yellow notch filter
    • Intelligent Lens System (ILS™) for zoom, focus, horizontal and vertical offset
    • Multiwindowing and screen processing (up to a 3×3 array)

Creative Video of Washington, DC