This BLOGcast series is a little different from our previous series. For the next two weeks, we will be featuring our video modules. We will also be giving our viewers a better insight on how they can be used at your next live event.

Today, we will feature one of our most popular video modules: “Washington, A Capital City”

“Washington, A Capital City” is a powerful music video featuring the most popular sites of Washington DC. With views of the major monuments, federal buildings, theaters, ports of entry, and famous landmarks – it’s truly apparent why this module is so popular amongst our clients.

This ‘welcome to Washington’ module is the perfect way to open your next meeting in the nations’ capitol. Since the video module is meant to be inspiring, respectful and encouraging (all at the same time), the possibilities of outcomes is truly endless. The module can remind your attendees of the historical significants of their surrounding. It might even give them the inspiration to institute change or accomplish great things at your event.

The musical accompaniments are the perfect accent to the historical scenes. Without being overbearing, the musical score is grand, pompous, and appropriately stirring.

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As always, we hope that you think of Creative Video of Washington for all of your production needs.

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BLOGcast: How Our Video Modules Can Help You
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Washington, A Capital City
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