While we are building our new studio at our new location (to be revealed soon), it seemed a good time to reboot one of our earlier posts of the value of using a studio vs. doing a location shoot. We are going to be bringing back some of our earlier Blogcasts and posts for our more recent audience, but note that you can search for topics.Screen-Shot-2013-07-11-at-3.03.19-PM-300x168

One of our first Blogcasts discussed the pros and cons of shooting on location or on-site versus in a studio. Creative Video has had a great studio, and our new studio will be even better, but honestly,  most taping is done at our clients’ locations. Check out what you need to know and how to decide what works best for you.

Check out our Blogcast #2: When Location Matters and our earlier blog posts, On-Site Video Production and In-Studio Video Production.

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