cvwtelly_newlogosmallCreative Video of Washington, DCCreative Video is proud to announce that Kristen Westphal has won a Telly for “Creative Use of Graphics” for a video produced for the American Institute of Architects.  The video was used in AIA’s annual awards ceremony for outstanding chapters to show an innovative app for cellphones that was developed by the Florida chapter.

The American Institute of Architects each gives out a few select awards annually honoring its chapters for outstanding programs. CVW produces videos showcasing the programs, showing what they do and highlighting why they have been selected for this prestigious honor. Creative Video of Washington, DC

The 2014 AIA Component Member Communications: Outstanding Overall Program Award for AIA Florida’s mobile application stood out as very different. Editor Kristen Westphal said, “When I saw the script for the video that our writer, Wendy Wilson, wrote for the video, I was completely confused. There was no voiceover narration. The story was all told through mobile text messages.”

The video relied almost completely on the use of graphics, on the creation of the mobile phone world and the use of text messages “popping up” rather than voiceover narration to tell the story. View the video on YouTube

Writer Wendy Wilson had only praise for Kristen. “She carries the ball on these projects, makes the magic happen without any drama, and handles changeable clients with grace and ease.”  Pat Harris, AIA Director of Component Programs and Events was enthusiastic in her praise.

“Kristen and Wendy, thanks so much for your patience in delivering a fantastic final product.  I know it was challenging ,  but you still made it happen.  We are a GREAT TEAM!!
Kirby, you have a wonderful staff and I really appreciate these ladies.  I have many Grassroots projects in the works at one time and they made my job so much easier It’s a pleasure working with all of you.
Thanks Kirby, Wendy and Kristen!!! “AIA-Telly-e1406662819381-150x150